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Meet Your Guide

Meet Adam

Originally from New York, Adam, finally wisened up and realized there’s no better place to be than Waikiki. A fan of theater, history, and the beach, Adam is excited to share the rich history of Hawaii with you. Cheers!

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Meet Wes

Born and raised in Honolulu, Wes has also lived in Florida and California and traveled to over half of our 50 states. With a B.A. in Journalism, he loves history, both ancient and modern.

Wes also is an insurance agent and beverage merchandiser, and his free time revolves around coaching youth basketball and attending University of Hawai’i and high school sporting events.

Meet Kelly

Kelly loves craft beer and craft projects. She is a formidable pub trivia player as long as they only ask questions about history, geography, or science. Kelly has always loved telling people interesting facts, and she’s excited to have willing participants.
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